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Get Ready to Inspire the Next Generation of Scientists!

Looking to craft authentic and effective science outreach experiences for your audiences? Explore these resources to help you create outreach using a research-backed six-step iterative process.

Science Outreach Resources

Featured On-Demand Talk

Turning Participants into Scientists: How to Incorporate Citizen Science into Environmental Education Programs

 Are you looking for new, unique, and engaging ways to inspire and educate your participants? Would you enjoy seeing your participants’ faces light up when you share that they will be contributing real data that actual scientists will use? In this presentation, come and learn about citizen science projects and how to add a citizen science component to your pre-existing environmental education curriculum. Studies show that citizen science is not only fun, but increases public participation, enhances awareness, and generates new knowledge.

Participants will leave this presentation with:

  • An understanding of what citizen science is

  • The benefits of utilizing citizen science in their EE programming

  • How to incorporate citizen science into pre-existing EE programming, including tips for addressing accessibility challenges and limited resources

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