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2023 - Present


Full Time

Eberly College of Science Office of Science Outreach

Pennsylvania State University

  • Provides strategic direction and sets goals for college outreach programs

  • Develops, implements, and manages outreach program offerings and broader impact initiatives
    in collaboration with faculty and partnering units

  • Interprets and administers outreach policies and procedures and conducts analyses

  • Supervises, hires, and trains 5 full-time staff members

  • Implements and administers the Science-U summer camp program to include the camp infrastructure, programming, application, and registration processes

  • Hires, trains, and maintains approximately 75 part-time and volunteer positions annually

  • Solicits and hires faculty and other education professionals to write/design summer camp

2020 - 2023


Full Time

Eberly College of Science Office of Science Outreach

Pennsylvania State University

  • Coordinates and manages all aspects of development and delivery of year-round, STEM-based educational and experiential programs for K-12 audiences, undergraduate and graduate students, and members of the public (Including Science-U Summer Camps, annual attendance of 500+ K-12 students and 40+ summer staff)

  • Build, maintain, and expand a robust community comprised of diverse stakeholders to achieve programmatic goals, including faculty, Penn State students, University departments, and local organizations

  • Recruits, trains, and helps manage a variety of staff, including seasonal employees, work-study students, and volunteers, ensuring diverse representation and youth safety and compliance

  • Create and maintain databases and spreadsheets for tracking volunteer and participant engagement and program feedback; assess impact, prepare reports, ensure retention, and adjust operating procedures accordingly

  • Develop and manage budgets for ongoing programmatic efforts, including applying for external funding

  • Assisted faculty, students, and staff in preparing broader impacts statements for NSF grant applications

2020 - Present


Part Time

2019 - 2020


Full Time

NASA Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium

Pennsylvania State University

  • Led the development and implementation of new and present outreach programs for K-12 students, inservice K-12 educators, higher education students, and the public

  • Helped manage a $750,000 yearly budget and made decisions on which projects to fund

  • Managed data to communicate effectively in a range of formats, including spreadsheets, reports, and presentations, to communicate progress of office’s strategic goals and how work aligned with NASA’s mission

2018 - 2020


Independent Contractor

Spring Creek Watershed Commission

Centre County, Pennsylvania

  • Devised watershed operational improvements to achieve identified supply and conservation goals

  • Proposed changes to water resources management to community organizations, public interest groups and government agencies to solidify backing

  • Planned and facilitated public forums on the Spring Creek Watershed Update Project

  • Designed website and promotional materials

  • Planned, took minutes, and led presentations for Commission meetings

2018 - 2019


Full Time, 9 Month Position

Shaver's Creek Environmental Center

Pennsylvania State University

  • Served as Director-On-Duty for Penn State's "Outdoor School", a residential science camp for 5th graders

  • Conducted data analysis and crafted reports / spreadsheets on program feedback

  • Developed and implemented educational programs for undergraduates students and the public

  • Designed marketing strategies and materials

2016 - 2018


Full Time, Seasonal Positions

  • Science-U Summer Camp Director, Nature Explorers

  • Science-U Summer Camp Curriculum Mentor

  • Environmental Education Intern, Shaver's Creek Environmental Center

Pennsylvania State University


2022 - 2024


Master of Education 

  • GPA: 4.00 

  • Research (Tentative): Formative Assessment and Longitudinal Tracking of Science-U Summer Camp Participants

Pennsylvania State University

2019 - 2021


Master of Professional Studies

Pennsylvania State University

  • GPA: 4.00, graduated summa cum laude

  • Research: Moving the “One Water Plan” Forward: Collecting Vital Data through a Stakeholder Analysis for the Spring Creek Watershed Commission’s Integrated Watershed Management Plan

2013 - 2017


Bachelor of Science

  • GPA: 3.26

  • Major GPA: 3.82 

  • Focus: Water and Land Use

  • Minor: Geoscience

Pennsylvania State University


Program Implementation and Evaluation 

Curriculum Development and Analysis | Youth Safety and Compliance | Broader Impacts | Project Management | Recruitment / Retention of Underrepresented Groups in STEM | Stakeholder Engagement | Program Evaluation and Improvement | Report Writing

Leadership and Teaching

Staff Supervision | Staff Training Development | Strategic Planning | STEM Outreach to Various Audiences | Science Pedagogy | Undergraduate and Graduate Course Development

Design and Social Media

Wix | Wordpress | Canva | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | TikTok

Productivity and Administration

Grant Writing | Microsoft Office | Qualtrics | Slack | Survey Development

Personal Skills

Verbal and Written Communication | Public Speaking | Desire to Learn and Improve | Organization | Problem Solving

Teaching Experience

SC 451: Science Outreach and Communication

SPRING 2021, SPRING 2022, SPRING 2023

SC 451 provides students with the skills and experience necessary to design outreach activities based on their research and interests, communicate their science in multiple modes, and engage with diverse audiences.

SC 294: Introduction to Science Outreach and Communication

FALL 2020 - SPRING 2023

SC 294 provides undergraduate students with an introduction to the field of science outreach and communication. In addition, the class allows a hands-on opportunity to develop an outreach project. 

RPTM / SCIED 140: Outdoor School Field Experience

FALL 2018 - SPRING 2019

The Outdoor School Field Experience course allows students to observe, learn, and apply leadership techniques and teaching methodologies in an experiential, residential education program that occurs off campus. This field-based experience provides students with numerous opportunities to practice and refine their leadership and teaching skills through active participation in one week of Outdoor School Field Experience. 

RPTM 240: Instruction and Leadership in Environmental Education

FALL 2018 - SPRING 2019

RPTM 240 provides students with experience in two main areas, leadership/mentorship as well as residential outdoor environmental education lesson planning and delivery.

EARTH 111: Water - Science and Society

FALL 2017

(teaching assistant)

EARTH 111 explores the relationships between water and human populations, with emphasis on water resources and quality in the Western U.S., and how these have shaped history and modern politics. 

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